Siji Trading Pte Ltd is an international importer and exporter of quality fresh fruits and vegetables with a distribution network to wholesalers and retailers alike.

Established in 2002, Siji Trading Pte Ltd has been in the agricultural industry for more than 15 years specialising in importing fresh fruits to Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and parts of Europe. Distribution of fruits are mainly to major supermarkets and wholesellers. Our supplies are primarily imported from China and some from other parts of Southeast Asia like Malaysia and Indonesia. Due to rapid expansion, we built a team of dedicated professionals to support the quality, packaging and transportation of our fruits. We have established a perfect quality guarantee system to provide our customer the finest purveyor of premium quality of fresh fruits and vegetables. Quality is also ensured at delivery stage through strict control of the use of food grade packaging materials in order to meet the international food safety standards and requirements. To achieve the objective of customers’ food safety concern, we have established a perfect quality guarantee system and produced our series fruits strictly in line with the requirements of FGMP, HACCP and ISO Standards. Using customer first policy and we take great pride and pleasure by satisfying our customers to the maximum. Our customers are our biggest priority. We strive to provide our clients with the highest quality products and most reliable services. We are fully equipped to handle the smallest to largest of orders, however, all orders are treated with the same exceptional services.

We are open to extend our company to all parts of globe, ranging from importing our fruits to parts of the world to producing new quality fruits. Please feel invited to become our client. More information about our activities and projects you will find in the relevant sections.


To deliver the best, freshest and premium quality fruits to people all over the world.


Quality leads all

Guided by our Vision & Mission we seek to be the trusted brand for fresh fruits globally, to not only source the best product from around the world but to also deliver them safely, fresh for consumption.