What kind of products and services we provide

We are the organised manifestation of mankind's desire to ship fruit from one country or continent to another. The perishable nature of fruits and vegetables makes it imperative that, once harvested, fresh produce is shipped without delay, in the right condition and at the right cost to wherever there are willing consumers - or at least initially, importers, wholesalers and retailers confident of being able to sell the fruit to the consumer.

Processing and packaging methods

Consumers increasingly demand a safe food supply without sacrificing nutritional content, quality or shelf life of foods they buy. We use perfect quality guarantee system to provide our customer with guarantees of quality and consistency, or to phytosanitary restrictions to prevent the import of pests and diseases.

Our food grade packaging material ensure resist temperature and mild pressure without interacting with the fruits to provide safe, hygienic, and fresh quality fruits.

Import & Export

We import and export high standards of fruits to your table.


We also specialize in developing the full potential of pre-packed fruits and are proud to supply house brand to your company.